A CD of a capella singing performed by Canatare, a group of twelve young women singers, directed by Patricia Whitbread.

Recorded in Michael Grafton-Green in October 1998 at St. Philip's Church in O'Connor, Canberra and launched in March 1999.

Sung by: Anastasia Dalziell, Amanda Forbes, Carolyn Forbes, Ursula Holmes, Alison Knight, Elisha Milton, Clemency Oliphant, Jenny Sawer, Holly Wotton


  1. Rockin' Jerusalem - Spiritual, arr. Colin Forbes.
  2. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Chil' - Spiritual, arr. Colin Forbes, (Soloist, Elisha Milton).
  3. Saloo Baleerfe - Trad., arr. Amanda Forbes.
  4. Haraka, Carolyn Forbes. (African Hand Drum, Colin Forbes).
  5. The Snowy Breasted Pearl, Carolyn Forbes with lyrics translated from Gaelic by George Petrie.
  6. Love and Freedom - Trad., arr. Jenny Sawer. (Soloist, Jenny Sawer; drumming, Brenton Holmes).
  7. Benedic Anima Mea Domino, George Malcolm. (Psalm 102:2)
  8. Chattanooga Choo Choo, Harry Warren, arr. Colin Forbes
  9. Scarborough Fair - English Folk Ballad, arr. Mary Goetze
  10. We We Wa Emimlmo (Come, O Holy Spirit) - Nigerian, as taught by Samuel Solanke
  11. Eriskay Love Lilt - Hebridean Trad., arr. Ken Lee.
  12. Breadbaking, Bela Bartök.
  13. Drop, Drop Slow Tears, Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), arr Philip Ledger.
  14. Magical Memories, Jenny Sawer
  15. Stay With Me - Thaizé, Jaques Berthier; Star Carol, Sydney Carter. (Soloist : Amanda Forbes)
  16. Oh Freedom - Trad., arr. Cantare. (Congas, Brenton Holmes; tapping sticks, Carolyn Forbes).
  17. Dig, Dig, Dig, Like a Wombat, Don Spencer & Allan Caswell, arr. Colin Forbes (Shakers, Carolyn Forbes, Amanda Forbes).