Polish up your G & S !

23rd to 25th October 2009

Each singer, if they wished, presented one G&S aria for masterclass with Stephen Brown. Each was been allocated an ensemble part, which was workshopped for the final concert.


Friday 23rd October

Welcome and drinks
Introductory talk, Stephen Anthony Brown

HMS Pinafore
"Never mind the why and wherefore" — Rosemary Lohmann, Ken Smith, Alexander O’Sullivan

Princess Ida
Princess Ida: first aria — Judith Swanson
Princess Ida: second aria — Katie Cole

Saturday 24th October

Pirates of Penzance
"Ruth’s song" — Rachel Parsons
"Climbing over rocky mountains" — Alison Knight, Madeleine Rowland
"Stop, ladies, pray" and "Oh, is there not one maiden breast" — Anthony Nolan, Jess Harris, Alison Knight, Madeleine Rowland
"Poor wand’ring one" — Jess Harris
"What ought we to do?" — Alison Knight, Madeleine Rowland
"How beautifully blue the sky" — Anthony Nolan, Jess Harris, Alison Knight, Madeleine Rowland

Iolanthe’s song — Rachel Parsons

HMS Pinafore
Buttercup’s song — Leila Fetter
Recitative, Buttercup and Boatswain— Leila Fetter, Geoff Millar
Madrigal, "The nightingale" — Ken Goodge
Ballad, "A maiden fair to see" — Ken Goodge
Duet, "Refrain audacious tar" — Rosemary Lohmann, Ken Goodge
Glee — Ken Goodge, Geoff Millar, Alexander O’Sullivan
Yeomen of the Guard
Dame Carruther’s song — Estelle Canning

Sunday 25th October

"Braid the raven hair" — Denise Manley
"The sun whose rays," with preceding monologue — Madeleine Rowland
"Katisha’s song" — Leila Fetter

Pirates of Penzance
"The policeman’s song" — Chris McNee

Patience sequence:
Patience — Rosemary Lohmann
Lady Angela — Julianne Patterson
Lady Ella — Lorna Gamble
Lady Saphir — Judith Swanson
Lady Jane — Leila Fetter

Singalong rehearsal