Polish up your G & S !

Gilbert & Sullivan Concert, with Singalong Chorus

Sunday 25 October, 7.30pm

Arias, scenes and choruses prepared by participants in the Polish up your G & S! workshop, directed by Stephen Anthony Brown and accompanied by Colin Forbes made up a fun night of great music from HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe, Mikado, Patience, Pirates of Penzance, Princess Ida and Yeomen of the Guard, complete with singalong chorus.

Program and cast

1. Sequence from Patience , Act 1

Twenty love sick maidens weMaidens, Angela, Ella
Still brooding on their mad infatuationPatience, Saphir, Angela, and chorus
I cannot tell what this love may bePatience
Twenty love sick maidens we

 PatienceRosemary Lohmann
 Lady AngelaJulianne Patterson
 Lady EllaLorna Gamble
 Lady SaphirJudith Swanson
 Lady Jane

Leila Fetter
2. HMS Pinafore

We sail the ocean blueSailors
Buttercup's songButtercup
RecitativeButtercup and Boatswain
MadrigalRalph Rackstraw and sailors
A Maiden fair to seeRalph and sailors
Refrain, audacious tarRalph and Josephine
GleeRalph, Boatswain, Carpenter and sailors
Never mind the why and wherefore

Josephine, Captain Corcoran and Sir Joseph Porter
 ButtercupLeila Fetter
 BoatswainGeoff Millar
 Ralph RackstrawKenneth Goodge
 JosephineRosemary Lohmann
 CarpenterAlexander O'Sullivan
 Captain CorcoranKen Smith
 Sir Joseph Porter

Alexander O'Sullivan
3. Princess Ida

MinervaIda (Judith Swanson)
Kiss me, Kiss meCyril (Stephen Anthony Brown)
I built upon a rockIda (Katie Cole)


4. Mikado

Braid the raven hairGirls and Pitti Sing (Denise Manley)
The Sun whose raysYum Yum (Madeleine Rowland)
Katisha's song

Katisha (Leila Fetter)
5. Yeoman of the Guard

Dame Carruthers' song

Dame Carruthers (Estelle Canning) and yeomen
6. Iolanthe

Iolanthe's song

Iolanthe (Rachel Parsons)
7. Pirates of Penzance

Climbing over rocky mountainGirls, Edith and, Kate
Stop, ladies, prayFrederic, Edith, Kate and girls
Oh, is there not one maiden breastFrederic, Mabel and girls
Poor wand'ring oneMabel and girls
What ought we to do?Edith, Kate and girls
How beautifully blue the skyGirls, Mabel and Frederic
When Frederic was a little ladRuth
When a felon's not engaged in his employmentSergeant and policemen (and audience!!)
Hail poetry!

Whole company
 EdithAlison Knight
 KateMadeleine Rowland
 RuthRachel Parsons
 FredericAnthony Nolan
 MabelJessica Harris
 Sergeant of PoliceChris McNee


Stephen Anthony Brown
Colin Forbes
St Philip's Anglican Church, O'Connor
Patricia Whitbread
Leighton Mann and the Food@St Philip's team
The singers!
The Singalong Chorus!
Alexander O'Sullivan
The CAMRA Committee