an evening with Gilbert's women

Gilbert & Sullivan supper show.

Saturday 26th March 2011

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Cast and Credits

Written by Patricia Whitbread.
Produced by Patricia Whitbread and Colin Forbes.
Catering by Food@St Philip's.

Janene Broere, Gemma Dashwood, Leith Dudfield, Leila Fetter, Lorna Gamble, Kenneth Goodge, Alison Knight, Rosemary Lohmann, Denise Manley, Sophie Mayer, Chris McNee, Laura Murdoch, Rachel Parsons, Madeleine Rowland, Deidre Schaeffer, Ken Smith, Peter Smith, Judith Swanson, Patricia Whitbread, Kayelle Wiltshire.
Keyboard: Colin Forbes.

Thanks to Rev'd Rebecca Newland and the St Philip's Community for their support and tolerance.
Brian McKinlay and CAMRA committee for publicity, bookings, front-of-house and everything else behind the scenes.
The Food @ St Philip's Team.
Kerry–Anne Cousins for the floral arrangement.
Ken Goodge for the loan of parasols.
Rosemary Knight for the trivia prizes.
Judith Swanson for the raffle prize.
Colin Forbes, a huge THANK YOU to you, because without you, the show wouldn't have happened.