J.S. Bach. St. John Passion. Novello 1929 edn (ed. Atkins) : chorales

7 (p.25) O migh-ty love,
O love be-yond all mea-sure,
that bids Thee walk this way of sore dis-plea-sure!
I live my life,
with all the world can of-fer,
and Thou must suf-fer!

9 (p.27) Thy will, O God, the al-way done
on earth as in the courts of heaven;
give us in pain to lead there-on,
to wel-come joy or sor-row giv'n,
to bid re-bell-ious flesh be still,
nor move against Thy per-fect will.

15 (p.42) Ah! Whence this ha-tred shown Thee?
Whose hands are laid up-on Thee
to do Thee this des-pite?
Thee, who bey-ond our tell-ing
in man's e-state ex-cell-ing
Hast or-dered all Thy ways a-right.

'Tis I have done this wound-ing,
by heedless sins a-bound-ing
as sands be-side the sea;
these are the blows that bruise Thee,
in these thine own re-fuse Thee,
and these will nail Thee to the Tree.

20 (p.51) Pe-ter in for-get-ful-ness
thrice de-nied his Mas-ter;
one look moved him to con-fess,
weep-ing, his dis-as-ter.
Je-su, turn to look on me,
who per-sist in sin-ning;
set my fet-tered con-science free,
free for new be-gin-ning.

21 (p.52) He, whose life was as the light,
grace and truth un-sha-ken,
in the dark-ness of the night
like a thief was ta-ken;
judg-ment of a god-less court,
wit-ness false-ly of-fered,
scorn and spit-ting, ri-bald sport,
as fore-told, he suf-fered.
27 (p.61) O King of glo-ry, King for time un-end-ing,
how can I serve Thee,
what for Thee be spend-ing?
No heart may find where-with due thanks to render
or ser-vice ten-der.

How can I, strain-ing sight and ex-pec-ta-tion,
find aught where-with to mea-sure thy com-pas-sion?
or how re-quite Thee, work-ing thus in blind-ness,
thy lov-ing kind-ness?

40 (p.87) Oh Christ, Thy fet-ters mean re-lease
for souls that lie in du-rance:
thy dung-eon is our house of peace
for re-fuge and as-sur-ance.
Hadst Thou not served as thrall be-fore,
thralls were we now and ev-er-more

52 (p.108) Thy name is shi-ning on me,
Lord Je-su, day and night,
thy Cross a-lone hath won me
my in-most heart's de-light;
for now, by faith de-pict-ed,
the sav-ing truth I see,
how Thou, O most a-fflict-ed,
hast shed Thy blood for me.

65 (p.139) Help us, O Thou Son of God,
by Thy bit-ter pas-sion,
still to tread where Thou hast trod,
armed a-gainst temp-ta-tion;
from the tree of scorn to seek
fruits of me-di-a-tion,
whence to bring, poor and weak,
stores of rich o-bla-tion.

68. Ah! Lord, when my last end is come,
bid ang-els bear my spi-rit home
to Abr'-ham's bosom go-ing.
My flesh, laid in the qui-et tomb,
shall sleep un-til the day of doom,
nor pain nor sor-row know-ing.
Then, wa-king from that dark abode,
mine eyes shall see Thee face to face
in bound-less joy, O Son of God,
my Saviour and my Throne of Grace.
Lord Jesu Christ, give ear to me, give ear to me,
who bring un-ending praise to Thee.