A Month of Sundays

Four afternoon vocal concerts, with Canberra singers accompanied by Colin Forbes.
Sundays 23 May, 30 May, 6 June and 13 June, 2010

23rd May: America and the United Kingdom

1. Katherine BramstonScottish Folk Songs

An Eriskay love lilt
Granny's Heiland home
Within a mile of Edinburgh town
Over the hills and far away
The bonny Earl o'Moray, arr. Benjamin Britten
Comin' thro' the Rye
Robin Adair, words by Robert Burns
Ca' the yowes, words by Robert Burns

2. Christopher McNeeAmerican spirituals

Go down Moses, arr. H T Burleigh
Nobody knows de trouble I've seen, arr. H T Burleigh
Ev'ry time I feel de Spirit, arr. H T Burleigh
Steal away, arr. H T Burleigh
Wade in de water, arr. Mark Hayes

3. Peter SmithCowboys and Indians

Songs founded on Indian tribal melodies, arr. C W Cadinan

Far off I hear a lover's flute, Op. 45 no. 3 (Omaha Melody)
The white dawn is stealing, Op. 45 no.2 (Iroquois Melody)
From the land of the sky-blue water, Op. 45 no.1 (Omaha Melody)

American cowboy songs

All day on the prairie, arr. Daniel W Guion
The hills of home, by Oscar J Fox
Home on the range, arr. Daniel W Guion
Rounded up in Glory, by Oscar J Fox

4. Janene BroereSongs by Michael Head

The little road to Bethlehem
Ave Maria
A green cornfield
Sweet chance that led my steps abroad
Limehouse Reach

30th May: Birds, Bees and Flowers

1. Madeleine RowlandBirds and Bees

Ridente la calma, WA Mozart
Phillis was a faire maide, Giles Earle, arr. Frederick Keel
What if I seek for love, Robert Jones
Twilight fancies, Frederick Delius
The lass from the low countree, John Jacob Niles
A brisk young sailor, Cecil J Sharp
Can't help lovin' dat man, Jerome Kern, words Oscar Hammerstein

2. Sigrid MiechSerendipity

Where the bee sucks, by Thomas Arne, words from Wm Shakespeare's The Tempest
Das Veilchen, by WA Mozart
Intorno all'ido mio, by Antonio Cesti
O had I Jubal's lyre, by GF Handel
Ah Chloris, by Reynaldo Hahn
O tuneful voice, FJ Haydn
Fidelity, by FJ Haydn

3. Katie ColeRoses

The rose, by Amanda McBroom
Sweeter than roses, Pausanias, by Henry Purcell
An die Freude, by WA Mozart
Mein Jesu, hilf! by JS Bach
Una voce poco fa, Barber of Seville, by G Rossini
Le spectre de la rose, by Hector Berlioz
La vie en rose, by "Louiguy" Louis Gugliemi, words E. Piaf
The last rose of summer, traditional Irish, arr. B. Britten

4. Leila FetterBirds

An die Nachitgall, D196, by Franz Schubert, words Ludwig Hölty
O for the wings of a dove, by Felix Mendelssohn
A blackbird singing, by Michael Head
Poisoning pigeons in the park, by Tom Lehrer
The ostrich, by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
A swan, by Edvard Grieg
Sag an, O lieber Vogel mein, by Robert Schumann

6th June : Vienna and Austria

1. Brian WhiteAn die ferne Geliebte, song cycle for voice and piano, Op. 98, by Ludwig van Beethoven, words after Aloys Jeitteles

Auf dem Hügel sitz'ich, spähend
Wo die Berge so blau
Leichter Segler in den Höhen
Diese Wolken in den Höhen
Es kehret der Maien, es blühet die Au'
Nimm sie hin denn, diese Lieder.

2. Tanuja DossLieder by Richard Strauss
Die Nacht (The night) Op. 10, no. 3, words Hermann von Gilm
Traum durch die Dämmerung (Dream through the twilight) Op. 29, no. 1, words Otto Julius Bierbaum
Mit deinen blauen Augen (With your blue eyes), Op. 56, no. 4, words Heinrich Heine
Ständchen (Serenade) Op. 17, no. 2, words Adolf Friedrich von Schack
Allerseelen (All souls) Op. 10, no. 8, words Hermann von Glim
Morgen (Tomorrow) Op. 27 no. 4, words by JH Mackay

3. Judith SwansonLieder by Franz Schubert

An de Musik (To Music) Op. 88, no. 4, D547
Ganymed, Op. 19, no. 3, D544
Hark! Hark! The Lark! D889
Nacht und Träume (Night and Dreams) Op. 43, no. 2, D827, words by Matthaus von Collin
Frühlingsglaube (Faith in Spring) Op. 20, No. 2, D686, words by Ludwig Uhland
Gretchen am Spinnrade (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel) Op. 2, D118, words by Goethe
Der Musensohn (The Son of the Muses), Op. 92, no. D674, words by Goethe

4. Fleur MillarVocal Works by WA Mozart

Ah! Chi mi dice mai — Donna Elvira, from Don Giovanni
In quali eccessi, o Numi — Donna Elvira, from Don Giovanni
Ach! Ich Liebte — Constanza, from Die Entfuhrun aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio)

13th June : Aspects of Love

1. Kenneth Smith Aspects of love

Goodbye, from White Horse Inn by Robert Stolz
Silent worship, from Ptolomey, King of Egypt by Frederic Handel
Love me sweet, from The Battlers by Carl Vine
The path my lady walks, from Perchance to Dream by Ivor Novello
Love changes everything, from Aspects of Love by Andrew Lloyd Webber

2. Anthony NolanGilbert and Sullivan heroesbr />
Oh, is there not one maiden fair - Frederic, from The Pirates of Penzance
The nightingale / A maiden fair to see - Ralph Rackstraw, from HMS Pinafore
Would you know that kind of maid? - Cyril, from Princess Ida
For love alone - Alexis, from The Sorcerer
Free from his fetters grim - Fairfax, from The Yeomen of the Guard
When first my old, old love I knew - Edwin / Defendant, Trial by Jury

3. Max Spencer
Adelaide, Op. 46, by Ludwig Van Beethoven

4. Alexander O'Sullivan (Piano)
Sonata in A major Op. 120 (D664) 1st movement Allegro moderato by Franz Schubert.

5. Rosemary LohmannMother and child

1. My mother bids me bind my hair (Shepherd's Song), by Franz Joseph Haydn
2. Songs my mother taught me, Op. 55 no. 4, B104, by Anton Dvorak
3. De los álamos vengo, madre, no. 4 from Cuatro madrigales amatorios, by Joquin Rodrigo
4. A Charm, no. 4 from A Charm of Lullabies Op. 41, by Benjamin Britten, words by Thomas Randolph C17th
5. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (Traditional)
6. To the children, Op. 26, no. 7, by Sergei Rachmaninoff
7. Ave Maria, by Michael Head
8. Och Moder, ich well en Ding han! no. 33 from 49 Deutsche Volkslieder, WoO33, by Johannes Brahms