Hildegard of Bingen's Ordo Virtutum

Cast and credits

17 and 19 September 2005 and
27 and 29 June 2008

The SoulAnnette Gaykema
The DevilAnthony Hosking
HumilityJenny Sawer
Knowledge of GodTanuja Doss
CharityCatriona Bryce (2005)
Leila Fetter (2008)
Fear of GodHeather Thomson (2005)
Leith Hillman (2008)
ObedienceEstelle Canning
FaithRachel Parsons
HopeMary Bush
ChastityPatricia Whitbread
InnocenceMadeleine Rowland
Contempt of the WorldLorraine Thomson
Celestial loveAnne Morris Bannerman (2005)
Gemma Dashwood (2008)
DisciplineOdette Upstill (2005)
Madeleine Rowland (2008)
ModestyRosemary Lohmann
MercyDenise Manley
DiscretionLorna Gamble
PatienceCatherine Sainsbery
VictoryTanuja Doss
Patriarchs, Prophets, Souls Imprisoned in BodiesDoug Bannerman, Gerard Clifton (2008), Meg Colwell (2005), Alison Knight (2005), Peter Laurence (2008), Brian McKinlay (2008), Robert Orr (2008), Alexander O'Sullivan (2008), Madeleine Rowland (2005), Michael Sawer (2005), Ken Smith
English textadapted by Patricia Whitbread from translations from the Latin by Peter Dronke, Bruce Hozeski and Gunilla Iverson, Ansy Boothroyd and Michael Fields, and Linda Marie Zaerr
Co-directorsColin Forbes, Patricia Whitbread
Director of Music and keyboard playerColin Forbes
Crotales playerAlexander O'Sullivan
Production ManagerLeighton Mann
SignageJohn Munro
2005 sponsorsWizard Information Services