Arias & Scenes, including highlights from Don Giovanni

Presented jointly by CAMRA and the Classical Opera-tives Performing Society on Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th June 2009.



The first part of the program featured arias (mainly from Mozart's The Magic Flute) sung by students from the studio of Patricia Whitbread

PART II — scenes from Don Giovanni

1 Duet Ma qual main s'offreDonna Anna, Don Ottavio
2 Trio Ah chi mi dice mai Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Lep
3 Aria Madamina Lep
4 Duet with Chorus GiovinetteZerlina, Masetto
5 Aria Ho capitoMasetto
6 Duet La ci daremZerlina, Don Giovanni
7 Aria Fuggi traditorDonna Elvira
8 Aria Or sai chi l'onorDonna Anna
9 Aria Dalla sua paceDonna Ottavio
10 Aria Finch'han dal vinoDon Giovanni
11 Aria Batti, battiZerlina
12 Trio Ah, taci, inquisto coreDonna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello
13 Aria Vedrai carinoZerlina
14 Sextet Sola solaZerlina, Masetto, Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, Leporello, Don Ottavio
15 Aria Il mio tesoroDon Ottavio
16 Aria Mi tradiDonna Elvira
17 Duet Oh statuaLeporello, Don Giovanni
18 Aria Non mi dirDonna Anna
19 Presto of Act II finale Questo e il finZerlina, Leporello, Masetto, Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio

Cast and credits

ScoreW.A. Mozart
LibrettoLorenzo da Ponte
English textW.H. Auden & Chester Kallman
Don GiovanniStephen Hines
LeporelloPeter Smith
Donna AnnaTanuja Doss
Don OttavioGreg Wallace
Donna ElviraSheena Smith
ZerlinaChristine Forbes
MasettoRob Grice
Producer/DirectorSheena Smith
Musical advisorsColin Forbes
Patricia Whitbread
WebkeeperBrian McKinlay